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To Whom It May Concern,

In 2016 the major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard) introduced new rules to reduce credit
card fraud. These rules are known as EMV and compel retailers to accept payment from chip-enabled
credit cards.

In November 2016, Saddleback Lanes installed an upgrade to their Brunswick point of sale system
that allowed them to accept payment from consumers with chip-enabled cards.

Unfortunately, due to a flaw in the Brunswick software, some credit card transactions were only
authorized and not captured (charged) at the time the transaction occurred.

In January 2017 Brunswick and Saddleback Lanes discovered that these credit card transactions were
not charged. This means that some consumers who visited the center between November and December
2016 purchased products and never paid for the transaction pursuant to the receipt that they

You are receiving this letter because during this time period you were never charged for the
products that were purchased during your visit. Although you may have received a receipt at the
time of your visit, the charge was never finalized with your credit card company.

With the help of Bank of America and First Data, all transactions are now being processed and
charged against the credit card that you used for payment according to your signed receipt slip. If
you wish further details, Saddleback Lanes is able to answer questions and show your receipt(s)
that support these charges.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.